Training for McNetiq products, Controlock® technology, and client-specific processes

Before clearing a magnet for safe use, a certified Controlock® operator needs to test the actual magnetic forces to comply with the required minimum forces.

Together with our training partner STE, we facilitate the training, which can be customized for specific processes and requirements for our clients.

Standard McNetiq training is available for future certified Controlock® operators.

Instruction Magnetic Anchoring

During the training, you learn to place, check, and inspect magnetic anchors. You will learn how to place, use, and remove magnetic anchors safely. Besides, you will learn which tools you need to perform the operations. Working with magnetic anchoring system requires a specific knowledge, and this training helps you to learn how to do this correctly and safely.

You will learn

  •       The relevant safety, legislation, rules, and procedures
  •       To use and maintain the right PPE’s
  •       To recognize and name shortcomings, dangers/dangerous situations
  •       About (most) accidents and the procedures to report them
  •       Magnetic anchoring and how they work
  •       When (not) to choose the magnetic anchoring system
  •       Which equipment is needed for this job and how to use it
  •       How to hand over a standard anchoring pattern within a standard configuration to the user (transfer procedure) 
  •       About acting forces and (work) load that influence the strength, rigidness, stability, and safety 
  •       How to check, inspect, and report the magnetic anchoring 
  •       To perform a users inspection if requested by the clients


After passing your exam, you will receive an STE certificate that is valid for 5 years.

Client specific processes

Individual needs can be taken into consideration when designing training programs.

Training partner STE

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