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About McNetiq

When the magnetic force's capacity needs to be affirmed.

We are very passionate about magnetism and its uses. Our magnetic products benefit our clients in situations where permanent fixings are difficult or impossible to execute. That's what makes our Controlock® technology unique; we can place a magnet and quickly measure its force to ensure safe working conditions. Trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose. That's why we constantly strive to bring more safety to the many workers and builders that keep our industry moving.

For that reason, corporate governance is very critical to us at McNetiq. Both us and our clients must respect both disclosure and transparency values by working together. That's why we are trusted by our partners, clients, investors, employees and society at large.

Our Management Team

CEO of McNetiq

Willem van der Graaf

CEO of McNetiq.

Enthusiastic driver of collaborations with customers and suppliers. Through his vast industrial experience, Mr. van der Graaf, is considered a great sparring partner for prospects and users.

Contact Willem for general inquiries.

Engineer McNetiq Rotterdam Bas Gravendeel

Co-founder of McNetiq.

Electrical engineer, physicist, and magnet specialist. Not only able to explain what can be done, but also realistic about any possible limitations.

Contact Bas for technical questions.

Our Vision

Replace all temporary welding with magnet anchors based on McNetiq's Controlock® technology.

Our Mission

Using Controlock® technology to create the safest, most sustainable, and cost-efficient temporary steel connection.

Our Strategy

Deliver and develop magnetic applications, where magnetic forces can be instantly tested using our patented Controlock® technology. Following the proven benefits of our scaffolding anchors, we focus on specific markets where potential users are indicating to be seeing a clear need. We connect internationally directly with users as well as with all distributors, agents, and distributors that passionately share our vision.

Rotterdam Port Fund

In January 2018, McNetiq and Rotterdam Port Fund forged cooperation, and RPF took an interest in McNetiq. The Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund that wants to invest in companies with port-related activities that are innovative and have attractive market prospects. The fund is an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam, NIBC Bank, Innovationquarter, Koninklijke Doeksen, and the Rotterdam entrepreneurs Peter Goedvolk and Luc Braams. For more information, see the website of Rotterdam Port Fund.

Our solutions

Scaffold anchors can be used on metal surfaces

Industrial Solutions

Applications for industrial users to increase uptime and productivity.

Personal Safety Solutions

Standardized solutions to protect workers from hazards and to comply with legislation.

Possible applications for Controlock®

Customised Solutions

Based on our Controlock® technology, we can tailor solutions to any specific situation.

McNetiq Customer Testimonials

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“Normal anchoring” of scaffolds for storage tanks is not always possible. Large, cone-shaped scaffolds are built with extra ballast weight. Dow was looking for a solution to position a stable scaffold structure at an ethylene tank in a safe, quick way and lower costs.

McNetiq and Bilfinger developed a solution with magnetic anchor points. A slim scaffold structure is connected to the steel tank wall using permanent magnets. Savings are significant.

McNetiq customer DOW
Ms. Nameless
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We used magnet anchors to install sails (directed) on the inside of the tower to avoid touching the scaffold material during assembly and disassembly. After the scaffold was installed and was stamped with rubber on the walls for stability, we again removed the sails to start the inspection: This saved galvanizing/un-galvanizing the scaffold materials and transportation costs: a saving of €138,000. 
McNetiq customer Shell
Ms. Nameless
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Since 2015, the scaffolding at Vopak has been anchored by contractors with Controlock anchors. The work can be carried out more efficiently due to the considerably less scaffolding materials and construction time required.

In addition, safety increases because fewer people are on the plant, the number of construction hours is less, and there is less chance of sagging scaffolding in the tank pits. The heavy material transport is also less, which benefits sustainability.

Vopak working with McNetiq
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Bilfinger UK

Erecting and dismantling a scaffold type has shown a saving of 41%. This saving is mainly created by using fewer hours to construct the scaffold, which led to an advantage in savings and efficiency. The scaffold was used for painting. We from Bilfinger UK see in the magnetic anchor an innovative and cost-saving piece of equipment with a great future. 

McNetiq customer Bilfinger
Ms. Nameless
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