McNetiq magnet anchor with the protective cover and the special key

McNetiq anchors with Controlock® technology, EN 975, allow safe operations when steel is present.

Compared to traditional steel connections, like drilling and welding, our solutions are: 

  • Cost-efficient
  • Sustainable
  • Re-usable
  • Flexible to apply
  • Explosion safe
  • Not damaging the steel surface

Unique force measurement

The Controlock® technology is a unique force measurement system, which establishes the retention force of a magnet in use with a certainty of 100%. This certainty of 100% is the reason that McNetiq Controlock® anchor points are certified and recognized by the norm EN 795.

McNetiq's Controlock® technology measures the exact load capacity of the magnet anchoring, on the anchor location, in advance.

Measurements apply to both the perpendicular pull force and the lateral shear force. A measuring device and a registration device determine the load capacity.

Regular magnetic anchors are designed based on a standard value (the maximum load). However, this value cannot always be achieved due to an uneven surface. Furthermore, corrosion, fouling, and paint layers can cause air gaps, which influence the operation of the magnets negatively; this is also applicable to the varying thickness of the material. 

Permanent magnets for safety
Regarding safety, McNetiq only uses permanent magnets for the Controlock® anchor, and not the electromagnets. Electromagnets are always dependent on an external power source to function appropriately. And if this power source fails, or if a malfunction occurs in the connection, this could have catastrophic consequences in safety situations.

Custom made magnet soles.

McNetiq provides custom-made soles for its magnets; This means that the bottom of the magnet anchor that touches the object is adapted to the wall profiles. This way, we can work on the inside of a tank wall with convex magnetic soles and the outside with concave soles.


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