9 Awards for McNetiq Controlock® Anchor And More in The Horizon
20 januari 2021 
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9 Awards for McNetiq Controlock® Anchor And More in The Horizon

Since we are in January 2021, I would like to look back in time and see the growth line of McNetiq. As a team member, I would like to emphasise that it is very fulfilling to witness the progress McNetiq made throughout time.

McNetiq received 9 awards for most of its applications. Starting from developing the magnet anchor for rope access “Spiderman” till the very last developed application in 2020, the Handrail system.

The journey started after establishing McNetiq B.V. as a company in the Dutch market back in 2013. Since then, the firm received numerous awards for the registered technology McNetiq anchor®

Awards for McNetiq Controlock®

Tank storage award for McNetiq

Tank storage award for McNetiq

The organisation developed many applications based on the mentioned technology. The applications include the scaffold anchor, pipe support anchor, fall arrest anchor, and the handrail anchor.

The innovation at McNetiq won’t stop there. The organisation is busy developing more applications like the Fall Restraint anchor. Similarly, some other customised applications are being designed for storage tanks, ship decks, and wind turbines.

The company noticeable success lead to an international expansion. Now, McNetiq has partners and distributors in many countries, such as the US, SE Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

You can read more about the benefits of using our technology in our blog:  https://mcnetiq.com/blog-increase-safety-decrease-costs-building-scaffolds/

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