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Safe magnetic anchoring as an alternative to temporary welds.

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Scaffold Anchor

Significant improvements of  needed scaffold components, time, costs and safety

Pipe Support

Allowing process industries to install without halting their operation.

Controlock® magnets on a storage tank

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McNetiq fall Arrest System

Fall Arrest

Stops a worker in the process of a fall

Controlock® magnet

Fall Restraint

Prevents a worker from reaching an edge

Temporary Handrail

Knowing the handrail ability to withstand the probable forces


Until now, it was not possible to measure the magnetic force after positioning a magnet. Thanks to our our innovative Controlock® technology, we have now found a way to measure the magnetic force with 100% accuracy; This will ensure the safety of our clients and their workers.

  •  Measurement of tensile and shear force
  •  Saving materials
  •  No damage on the steel surface
  •  In use since 2013
  •  Applicable to a range of our standard products
  •  Able to customize to the client's needs
  •  Extensive experience with setting up specific processes and training for users.

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Magnetic Scaffold Anchor

About McNetiq

McNetiq developed its patented technology Controlock® that allows a safe securing of anchors on steel by using magnets. This technology is based on the ability to determine with certainty the effective load force of a magnetic connection on a steel surface. This is an absolute condition for a safe fixture since steel thickness, coatings, and air gaps are influencing the actual magnetic force. Controlock® technology is unique in enabling permanent or temporary magnetic connections. Using McNetiq's magnetic anchors with Controlock® can prevent welding or other -possibly permanently damaging- alternatives.

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