Two pipe support magnet anchors attached to a red pipe

McNetiq permanent pipe Supports

Installing the permanent pipe supports during operations

Process industries and tank storage companies are critical to supply the world with basic products. When running complex installations in the petroleum or chemical industries it is often difficult to stop operations to install or remove structures and pipes.

Typically, welding on structures that are in operation is not an option: with arc temperatures of more than 4,500°F/2,500°C there is a clear risk of igniting flammable or explosive materials. 

McNetiq offers magnetic alternatives for installing without welding, fast and flexible. Our Controlock® technology allows the testing of magnetic forces to confirm the compliance with engineering requirements.

Storage tanks plant
Two magnet anchors attached to a red pipe

Working efficiently with
permanent magnetic pipe supports

With McNetiq permanent pipe supports, the installing can take place without halting any petroleum and chemical processing or tank storage operations. Being able to operate ATEX-compliant, the standard components will allow you to install lines and pipe systems quickly. An additional benefit is that magnets do not affect the steel structurally, as welding can do.

Due to the magnetic forces, the systems can be used permanently. When intended to be used for a short period, then the McNetiq permanent pipe supports have a clear advantage that they can be removed without the need for repairs of the original structure.

The basis of permanent magnetic permanent pipe support is the Rubber Block Magnet (RBM) – the blue blocks in the permanent pipe support. The RBM is placed with an installation device. After installation, the RBM is tested with a special test device using an adjustable torque wrench.

We typically use rubber-based magnets to avoid damage to coatings and paint systems. 

McNetiq supplies magnetic solutions with Controlock® technology since 2013, initially for connecting scaffoldings to steel storage tanks. Users are global contractors that are serving a large range of the most reputable global independent tank storage operators, mayor oil producers, and chemical producers.

Examples of use

Fire extinguisher systems

For quick installation of new or additional pipe systems for fire extinguisher systems

Vapour return lines

For installing lines to adding vapour recovery systems


For adding IoT-sensors without halting operations

How to use magnetic permanent pipe supports?

Based on an earlier defined plan regarding the safe installation the McNetiq permanent pipe support units will be installed in accordance with the McNetiq manual. The rubber based magnets will be installed with the proprietary technology. Supports will be connected to the magnets for the pipes or other equipment.

Testing the magnet capacity is the next step. A trained and certified Controlock® operator will test the magnetic anchor(s) by applying a Controlock® test unit on its magnetic strength (pull and shear). Test units are ATEX-proof. After confirming that the pull and/or shear forces are exceeding the required minimum capacity then the anchor will be cleared for use, and the supports can be attached.

Manuals and training programmes are typically customised for the specific use, or a standard McNetiq template is applied. McNetiq collaborates with STE (Scaffolding Training Europe B.V.) and the client to facilitate the appropriate training of certified Controlock® operators.

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