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McNetiq Scaffold Anchor

Safe anchoring with McNetiq Scaffold Anchor

With McNetiq anchors with Controlock® technology, that is recognized by the norm EN 795; a scaffold can indeed be securely anchored: lean and mean. Applying the magnetic anchors only where required on a minimal footprint while omitting many scaffold components like buttresses.

The result: savings of >40% on lead time and >70% on materials.

Its first use was in 2013 when contractor Bilfinger applied McNetiq's Controlock® technology to build four scaffolds against ethylene tanks at Dow Chemical.

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With the McNetiq Scaffold Anchor you save 70% on materials
Applying the magnetic scaffold anchor

How to use a magnetic scaffold anchor point

Based on the pre-defined design, the scaffold is built on site.
While the scaffold components are being installed, a certified Controlock® operator can apply the magnetic anchors. The operator can position the magnetic anchor and measure the actual pull and shear force of it at that location. If the operator determines that the readings are meeting the minimum required magnetic forces, that are specified in the design, then he can secure and clear the magnetic anchor to connect the scaffold. 

This process should be repeated for every magnetic anchor.

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Suspended scaffolds on a boat

Suspended scaffolds on steel structures or hulls

It is possible to anchor scaffolds that are not built from the ground up. Examples of use can be found in the maritime industry (building, repairs, maintenance, and wrecking of ships) and in overhanging steel constructions (bridges, cranes, and superstructures) 

The McNetiq Scaffold Anchor can be a solution to create a safe work platform without any welding work or any mechanical connections.

The McNetiq Scaffold Anchor with our patented Controlock technology® can be used for maintenance and installation work in (petro)chemical plants, offshore, steel construction, the maritime industry, on storage tanks, and bridges.

The system allows the following advantages:

Significant reduction of scaffolding components

  •      More than 70% reduction of needed scaffold components
  •      Magnetic anchors replace supports/buttresses
  •      Smaller footprint

Faster building of scaffolds

  •      More than 40% faster in scaffold building
  •      Improvement of overall uptime
  •      Improved readiness for consecutive use
  •      Reduced risk of weather delays


  •       Less components to handle during building and breaking down
  •       Less time spent on building scaffoldings
  •       Less disturbance of traffic due to smaller footprint

Wide range of use

  •       Storage tanks
  •       Processing plants and petrochemical industry
  •       Boilers
  •       Bridges and superstructures 
  •       Suspended structures
  •       Shipyards
  •       (De)commissioning
  •       Securing covers and tarpaulins

Other benefits

  •       No damage to the surface
  •       Re-usable
  •       Able to be customized to users' specific needs
  •       Extensive experience with setting up specific processes and training for users
  •       In use since 2013

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safety instructions

User Manual and Safety Instructions for the McNetiq Scaffold Anchor

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Sheet to see the power of the magnets

 Specification sheet

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Magnets an lighting

Safety Guarantees: Influence of lightning

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Safety Guarantees: Influence of corrosion 

Safety Guarantees: Influence of frost 

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